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The Ship of Fools​ 愚人船

The Ship of Fools, an ancient fable, reveals the absurdity and self-deception within human civilization through the use of metaphor.

When viewed as a metaphor for the global challenge of climate change,

it undoubtedly possesses profound philosophical significance, prompting us to reflect on fast food culture, consumerism, and the climate crisis caused by global warming. The Ship of Fools represents the complex human society, where each individual is immersed in their desires, interests, and ignorance, disregarding the direction of historical development. This metaphor closely aligns with the realities of our present society, which is rife with shortsightedness and conflicts of interest, neglecting the potential crisis brought about by climate change.

This is a multimedia artwork that combines the allegory of The Ship of Fools with the issue of climate change. Through the fusion of elements such as video collages, satellite imagery, and electronic music, the artwork explores humanity's disregard and self-deception towards the environment, as well as the immense impact of climate change on our world.

Can we unite and transcend personal interests in the face of crisis, seeking a path of sustainable development? Or will we continue to be driven by desires and shortsightedness, ignoring the warnings of the natural world? This philosophical artwork evokes profound contemplation on human nature, social ethics, and the trajectory of our future. It conveys a crucial message concerning our survival: each one of us is a member aboard the ship, and our choices and actions will determine our future. Only through unity, wisdom, and courage can we pave a more sustainable path for the next generation. This is a profound proposition that calls for introspection from each and every one of us.




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