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Leave Midway is an art project that centers around the emotional relationship between an individual and their father, expressed through installations and video recordings. Within this project, I delve into the intricate emotions that exist between myself and my father, as well as my expectations and disappointments regarding his presence. It prompts a reflection on the significance of family and affection, as well as the influence of emotional ruptures and shattered expectations on individual identity.

Prior to turning 16, I was unaware of my biological father's identity, resulting in a sense of unfamiliarity with his existence. I simultaneously anticipated the opportunity to experience his love and care during our brief encounters, while also feeling profound disappointment due to his frequent and sudden departures.

The project consists of two fundamental components: installations and video recordings. Symbolically, two chairs represent me and my father. The dissipation of intangible expectations associated with our relationship is suggested through the use of foam materials. This dissipation encompasses not only material aspects but also the disappearance of emotional expectations.

In the final presentation, I opt to place the two chairs back-to-back, while simultaneously playing each other's video recordings on them. This arrangement aims to depict the intertwining and confrontation of emotions between myself and my father. Through this visual medium, viewers can perceive the conflicts and complexities of the emotional dynamics between us.

Leave Midway endeavors to explore the emotional ruptures and shattered expectations within family relationships. By expressing personal emotional experiences through artistic means, my intention is to provoke contemplation among viewers regarding the importance of family, affection, and individual identity. I aspire to evoke a sense of resonance concerning the intricacies of emotions and prompt contemplation on the significance of family and affection.

中途离场是一个基于个人与父亲之间情感关系的艺术项目,通过装置和录像的形式来表达。在此项目中,我探索了我与父亲之间的复杂感情,以及我对于父亲存在的期待和失望,反思家庭与亲情的重要性,以及情感断裂与期待的破灭对于个体身份的影响。 在我16岁之前,我并不知道自己生父的身份,因此对于父亲这一存在,我一直感到陌生。我既期待能够通过短暂的相处获得他的爱和关怀,又因为他经常在我们短暂的相处过程中突然离开而感到极度失望。




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