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​Anima 泛灵

ANIMA, derived from Latin, signifies that all things possess a soul. Originally rooted in religious viewpoints, it suggests that apart from humans, every entity possesses an independent soul and consciousness. In this photography project, my endeavor is to unveil the hidden infinitude of beauty within the realm of nature and explore the inner souls and consciousness present in every living and non-living being. The natural world, with its astonishing diversity and profound significance, unveils a world full of mysteries.

By capturing fleeting moments, intricate details, and breathtaking vistas in nature, I aim to present the vitality and spirituality inherent in the natural environment through the medium of photography. From minuscule insects to majestic mountains, from delicate flowers to spirited rivers, I will utilize my camera to document the soulful magnificence that exists in the natural world.

Photography serves not only as a tool for documenting natural landscapes but also as a means to connect with nature intimately. In this project, I will adopt the stance of an explorer, delving deep into nature, and immersing myself in the unique energies emitted by each natural element. Through meticulous observation and artistic composition, my intention is to convey the profound interconnectedness that exists within the natural realm.

ANIMA aims to evoke a sense of reverence for nature and provoke contemplation on the inherent spirituality present in all living things. Through the medium of photographic art, my aspiration is to convey the silent voices of the natural world, guiding viewers on a journey of exploration and reflection, enabling them to perceive the infinite wonders of nature and the enigmatic forces of the universe.









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