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City Container

City Container is an art project that seeks to explore the essence of the city. As a historical space with a complex background, the city embodies rich meanings of time, space, metaphor, and symbolism, resembling a concept of convergence. The city is more akin to an abstract container, gathering various elements and encapsulating the lives and memories of its inhabitants.

With the rapid development of urbanization in China, new buildings abound in the city, exuding rules and order. To emphasize the sense of order within the city, I have chosen to use a black and white film camera paired with a telephoto lens to capture the urban landscape and magnify its intricate details. The use of black and white film enhances the power of observation, stripping away the colors of the city and creating a sense of detachment from the everyday environment. Through black and white photography, I aim to detach from the superficial aspects of the city and delve deeper into its essence and spiritual significance.

However, during the process of photography, I gradually discovered that what truly captivates in the city container is not merely the outward appearance of towering buildings but rather the city's unique cultural temperament. Within every street corner and alley, there lie abundant and diverse cultural symbols and historical backgrounds. These elements constitute the soul of the city, reflecting the lifestyles, beliefs, and emotions of its inhabitants. Through my photographic works, I aspire to capture glimpses of these cultural nuances, presenting to the viewers the spiritual fabric and inner world of the city, evoking resonance with its cultural temperament.




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