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​​Anchor Point 锚点

Anchor​ point is a photography art project born from my contemplation on homeland and identity. Faced with the loss of identity, our homeland becomes our spiritual anchor and emotional bond. The Songhua River serves as a significant symbol of my hometown, carrying countless memories and emotions. With the development along the river, my hometown has transformed from a tranquil fishing village into a modern city.

In this project, I utilize Google Maps to showcase the landscapes of the Songhua River, and I use photographs taken in my hometown as symbolic representations of memories. By employing techniques of animated visual illusions, I transform static photographs into dynamic works with a diffusion effect. This visual change symbolizes the gradual blurring and diffusion of our memories of home after we depart. Through dynamic visual effects and symbolic diffusion, I aim to present the connection between homeland and identity, conveying the impact of time and space on memory, while exploring the ties between individuals and their homeland.

As we drift away from our native land and time passes, our recollections of home gradually fade and disperse into a broader space.


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