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Dodge Bridge 2023

After three long years since my grandfather's departure,

I summoned the courage to delve into the depths of his absence,

to sift through the remnants of memories and aged photographs that bore witness to his time away.

With this video,

I pay homage to the most pivotal figure in my existence,

commemorating the profound impact of a man who held unparalleled significance in my life.



Dodge Bridge 2020

Not long ago, my grandfather passed away suddenly in a different place.Growing up in my grandfather's house, it was hard for me to accept this fact. When I was organizing my grandfather's belongings, I felt that his belongings were more like ruins carrying memories, and I would like to let time freeze in a moment that was once beautiful, but the truth is that time never waits for anyone, and life is always accompanied by regrets. Dodging the bridge is a custom in my hometown for people who passed away in other places. I froze my grandfather's relics in a block of ice according to my daily routine, symbolizing my wish to freeze time. At the same time there is an external device to change the shape of the ice block. As the ice melted, the relics in the ice seemed to become clearer and clearer, but with the infiltration of black ink, the relics changed their original appearance and could not be restored. For the final presentation, I chose to play the time-lapse images on an old TV, as if they were flashes of memory.


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